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Monash Health

Monash Health is Victoria’s largest public health service. We provide safe, high-quality care to one-quarter of Melbourne’s population, across the entire lifespan, from pre-birth to end-of-life.

We provide award-winning healthcare across the entire lifespan – from pre-birth, newborn babies and children, to the aged, their families and carers.

Our specialties include paediatrics (caring for children), cardiology (caring for the heart), women’s health, kidney and pancreas transplants and intensive care for sick and preterm babies in the first few weeks and months of life.

We improve the health of our community through:

  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Community-based treatment and rehabilitation
  • Highly specialised surgical and medical diagnosis, treatment and monitoring services
  • Hospital and community-based mental health services
  • Comprehensive sub-acute, aged care and palliative care programs
  • Research, education and teaching the next generation of healthcare professionals
  • Regional and state-wide specialist services

Our guiding principles

  • We consistently provide safe, high quality and timely care
  • We provide experiences that exceed expectations
  • We work with humility, respect, kindness, and compassion in high performing teams
  • We integrate teaching, research and innovation to continuously learn and improve
  • We orientate care towards our community to optimise access, independence, and wellbeing
  • We manage our resources wisely and sustainably to provide value for our community

Our reach

Currently, we have over 18,000 employees who work at over 40 care locations across south eastern Melbourne, including Monash Medical Centre, Monash Children’s Hospital, Moorabbin Hospital, Dandenong Hospital, Casey Hospital, Kingston Centre, Cranbourne Centre, and an extensive network of rehabilitation, aged care, community health and mental health facilities.

Our care at a glance:

  • We provide more than 3.2 million episodes of care to our community.
  • More than 258,000 people are admitted to our hospitals.
  • More than 210,000 receive care at our three emergency departments.
  • We respond to more than 64,000 ambulance arrivals.
  • We perform more than 48,000 surgical procedures.
  • We deliver more than 10,000 babies.

Our Academic Health Science Centre partnership, Monash Partners and translational research hub, Monash Health Translation Precinct are world renowned for turning scientific discoveries into clinical practice to benefit patients locally and internationally.

We turn scientific discoveries into clinical practice

From Australia’s first major heart valve replacements, to preventing unborn babies from developing cerebral palsy and the use of Botox to help severe asthmatics breath, we are involved in hundreds of research projects and programs aimed at improving clinical care.

Science and research is the future and wherever possible our patients access the latest treatments at their bedside.

Our community

We celebrate our wonderfully diverse, multicultural community as the source of both our patients, families and employees.

We genuinely strive to provide care which meets the cultural needs and expectations of our patients.

Teaching the next generation

Through our university affiliations we are a major provider of education and training for the next generation of doctors, nurses and health professionals.

When you’re learning, there’s nothing like being able to tap into life experience and many of Victoria’s most senior and experienced clinicians have built their careers at Monash Health and actively share their expertise with students and junior employees.

Our employees

Everyday our employees work hard to send patients home to their families and friends as quickly as possible.

Our values

We remain firmly committed to our iCare values:

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Excellence

National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards accreditation

Monash Health has successfully achieved National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards accreditation. To achieve accreditation, an external and independent peer review is undertaken to ensure a healthcare organisation has met national quality standards. Monash Health has received the final report and Agreed Performance Statement (APS) from The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.